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People with Penises Can Use Vibrators Too

There’s a common misconception that vibrators only exist to please the pleasure zones of the vulva and vagina – mainly, the clitoris and the G-spot. However, that perspective is not only limiting, but also incorrect!

New innovations are created constantly in the world of sex toys, and in recent years, this has included the development of many vibrating sex toys specifically for pleasuring penises and prostates. Here are some options to consider…

Repurposing vibrators for penile purposes

Many vibrators designed for clitoral pleasure can work equally well on penises, provided you’re willing to try a sensation that may be new to you and may take some getting used to. Wand vibes, like the Lelo Smart Wand and iVibe Select iWand, are broad enough to be used on all kinds of external pleasure zones, like your frenulum, shaft, and scrotum. If you prefer pinpoint stimulation, you can hone in on smaller areas with focused vibes like the Sensuelle Point or Aura Tickler.

Just be aware that toys designed for vaginal insertion don’t usually have a flared base, so they aren’t safe to use anally. Keep the vibrations on the outside of your body and you’ll be just fine.

Vibrators for penises

The Fun Factory Manta is one of the best and most popular penis vibrators on the market. With its gently ribbed silicone “wings” that wrap around your shaft, it’s perfect for sliding up and down like a stroker, or just holding in place against your hotspots to give you mindblowing sensations. (Either way, make sure you use lots of water-based lube.) You can even ask your partner to use this vibe on the lower part of your shaft while they perform oral sex on the head of your cock, if you’re in the mood for a pleasure overload!

Some toys have been intentionally developed for usage by people across the gender spectrum, including the Mimic vibrator. Its versatile shape and flexible body allow it to provide broad, full-shaft stimulation or focused frenulum attention, depending on what you’re in the mood for.

Vibrating cock rings

While usually marketed for their usefulness during partnered sex, vibrating cock rings – like the We-Vibe Verge, Je Joue Mio, or Hot Octopuss Atom – are equally thrilling when used solo. Some people prefer that vibrations be the “garnish” of their masturbation session, rather than the main source of their pleasure; if that sounds like you, a cock ring rumbling at the base of your dick while you stroke the rest might be exactly what you need!

Prostate and perineum stimulators

Want to take your orgasms to the next level? Many people report that vibrations on their prostate and/or perineum can do exactly that! Insertable prostate stimulators like the 77X P-Stroke and Lelo Bruno are designed to purr pleasurably against your prostate while also giving your perineum a little love. Combined with a stroker or even just your hand, these can lead to explosive orgasms – and some people are even able to come from prostate stimulation alone!

Have you tried any of these toys? What did you think?


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