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I never photograph women in a vulgar way. My films are not about reality but portray a surreal fantasy world where each part of their bodies is displayed with the utmost care. Following that mantra, I select items made with the highest design esthetic and quality. Products for sensual pleasure – all here for your selection.

Andrew Blake

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A Little Introduction

Who is Andrew Blake?

Andrew Blake began his career over 30 years ago creating erotic films and photographs. Combining his interest in contemporary fashion and architecture, he has always given his work a visual edge that is unique among his peers. Known worldwide for his films that generally evolve as a series of vignettes, Andrew Blake has set himself apart by creating a stimulating abstract cinematic experience. Working as “director as dominant”, Blake often includes elements of bondage and public exhibitionism.

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Our erotic shop for the highest passion, helps you enjoy sexual pleasure in all its facets. Discover your sensuality at Andrew Blake Store and be seduced by lustful and sensual erotic toys, love furniture, sexy lingerie, stimulating vibrators, dildos, love balls and many erotic toys that invite you to play and feel good.

Expert Reviews

What's Been Said?

... tall, sensual, sophisticated women modeling sumptuous undergarment, jewelry, garter belts, stockings and spike heels, usually in fairly kinky settings, I like the way he uses exquisite photography, elegant music and beautifully designed sets to stage his male fantasies of lipstick lesbians.
Erika Lust
Good Porn: A Woman's Guide
It's a whole different genre of explicit erotic filmmaking, evident from the first time - pure high fashion, glossy candyland fantasy. It is luxuriously designed from nip to toe. And it's stylish as hell. Blake's explicit films are the highest end of the porn spectrum.
Violet Blue
Sex Writer