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Which is the Best Bedroom Furniture to spice up your sex life?

Your living room is generally the first place people think of when it comes to furniture. Your lounge, sofa, chairs, tables get all of the recognition as functional items for sitting down or holding your coffee mug. But furniture is for the bedroom also. We have a range of sex furniture products that can make sex more comfortable and adventurous.

The renowned erotic artist, Andrew Blake, has the best pieces of bedroom furniture for you at Andrew Blake Store. Take a look around,so that you can choose the best furniture that fits your preference and desires.

  • Heart Wedge Sex Pillow

The  heart wedge features ultra-soft velvish material in designer colors to match your bedding and provides a sweet, enjoyable incline for G-spot positioning and deeper penetration. Doubling as a decorative pillow, it combines passion and fashion, and will increase your pleasure during lovemaking!

  • The Esse Chaise

This stylish Esse features a sleek modern design with a longer, lower body to provide you all the possibilities, angles and access you will enjoy. It is ergonomically designed with a lower profile and curves to keep your head, neck, and back cradled in any imaginable position so that you can get the deepest penetration possible!

  • The Flip Ramp

When open, the Ramp features an inclined shape to allow deeper penetration and access, while providing support for exciting sexual and oral positions. When closed, the Flip Ramp becomes ideal for from-behind positions, as well as a supportive, rocking pedestal for your partner. It can seamlessly blend with your décor to act as a stylish seat!

  • The Hipster

The Hipster takes sex to a new level with a multi-use shape that features high and low curves offering ease of access, comfortable back and neck support for inclined relaxation, as well as options for lifting your partner. The higher angle is perfect for deeper penetrations for doggie, while the lower angle is suitable for longer oral sessions without back or neck soreness.

  • The Liberator Wedge

The Liberator Wedge features a subtle 27-degrees slope, and firmness, to provide you the support and the lift you need for a perfect angle and better access during missionary and anal sex. It also allows comfortable prolonged oral sex. The soft Velvish Cover feels plush against the bare skin.

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