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What To Do When Your Partner Falls Limp

No matter how healthy your and your partner’s lifestyle might be, there will come the time when your partner might fall limp here or there. It is something that happens a lot more often than people think.

It is definitely a situation that is a bit unpleasant to both individuals in the bedroom. For you, because you are having the mood cut short, and for your partner who is not able to deliver the sexual pleasure that he wants.

If you are faced with this situation where your partner is falling limp, here are some things that you should and should not do in that situation.

Understanding It

One of the most common mistakes that people do when their partner falls limp is to instantly think that it is because of them, their looks, or their bodies. This could not be further from the truth. More commonly than not, you have absolutely no fault when it comes to your partner not being able to keep it up. It is usually something that is happening with them alone, not you.

This is important because, after all, knowing this, will surely help you feel motivated to help your partner with this problem and won’t damage the relationship as well.

A great way to help with this might be to use some mood enhancers, like stimulants or even lubes, in order to make the ins and outs of sex a bit more intense.

The Mental Problem

One of the reasons this might happen to your partner might be because of his own thoughts!

When in the act, nothing is worse than to have your head filled with thoughts distracting you from the action that is happening right in front of you. Perhaps your partner might be having too many thoughts about work or something else, which is making it hard for him to concentrate, eventually turning his mood and physical performance off.

Trying to completely relax your partner’s mind with some nice lingerie or even some movies to get each other in the mood and make your partner live in the moment might be a great solution.

The Pressure

Another reason this might happen is because of the pressure that your partner might be feeling. Considering you might be his dream partner, that might actually be a reason for him to fall limp, not because of you specifically, but because he might feel so much pressure to give you the time of your life that he eventually just starts falling flat.

Again, it is important to know that this is not your fault but, in fact, it is pressure that your partner is putting on himself. Therefore, talking to him about this can greatly improve the situation, making sure that he feels no pressure to give you sex like you were having it with a porn star.

Sometimes, even the position you are having sex in might be a cause for this pressure to be enhanced, making your partner worry more about being able to perform in such a position, rather than enjoying it.  This is where some sex furniture can greatly help in making each other feel comfortable and relaxed.

Health Problems

Last but not least, another possible cause of this can definitely be health problems. If all else has failed, it would be quite wise to see a doctor about this erectile dysfunction, in order to make sure that your partner is healthy and doing well because, after all, erectile dysfunction, specifically at younger ages, can mean serious health problems.

Communication is the key to understanding the cause of this situation.  So make sure you listen to your partner and know that this is not your fault. You are fine the way you are and that is why they are with you in the first place.

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