What is financial domination?

What is financial domination?

Financial domination – often abbreviated as “findom” – has become more and more popular in the kink world over the past several years. Despite moral outcries from people who just can’t believe that money could be essentially used as a kinky toy, this fetish remains popular, with over 2,300 findom-related videos on PornHub, and upwards of 8,000 findom fans listed on kink site FetLife alone.

So what is financial domination? Put simply, it involves someone being consensually “forced” to give their money to someone else, for the purposes of erotic excitement. Other kinks have “currencies” of sorts that can be exchanged, like the pain of impact play or the escalating tension of an edging scene; in the world of findom, that currency is money. It can feel astonishingly thrilling to give up, or “forcibly” take, something as societally and psychologically charged as money.

Most often, financial domination is a professional interaction that occurs between a female domme and a male client (known in this context as a “finsub” or, if you’re feeling colorful, “paypig”). That said, anyone of any gender or sexual orientation can participate in findom, it can be a part of your personal kink life rather than being a sex work transaction, and there are many ways to playfully subvert the best-known findom dynamics to make them work better for you and your partner(s).

Some people combine erotic humiliation with findom, weaving verbal stories about how the paypig’s spending is tied to their unworthiness or subservience. Some people use findom as an opportunity to acquire products that can give them further titillation in future – like “forcing” a finsub to buy them lingerie or sex toys. Some people even subvert a different type of money-based sexual relationship – the “sugar daddy”/”sugar baby” dynamic – to make it more about consensual power exchange via money redistribution. There are so many ways to play with this kink!

Keep in mind that you don’t have to use real money in order to access the deliciously taboo feelings that can come along with findom. You can offer gifts, IOUs, or even Monopoly money – or you can even just roleplay the financial aspect of the scene. Despite this kink being money-centered, it’s not necessarily off-limits to people who lack the financial capability to play with it in conventional ways.

Have you ever experienced a frisson of arousal from a monetary exchange? Is findom something you’re interested in trying?

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