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Truly Enjoying Erotica Requires Human Interaction

Who would ever have believed that society would label “porn addiction” as a real problem in some modern relationships. Rather than laughing off the notion that a person might become addicted to terrific adult cinema much the same way they might be addicted to great culinary delights or any other form of luxury – we looked deeper into the academic research and it does appear to have some merit.


For that reason, we wanted to say a word about our intentions with the award winning content we create here at Our goal has always been, is now and will forever be, to film the most impactful erotic films ever created. We do everything we can with each individual frame of every single title we release to give our audience the greatest level of excitement and entertainment we can possibly produce.


Enhancing Relationships through Erotica


That said, we do this so that we can help to enhance the lives of our audience members. After all, when you enjoy an Andrew Blake movie, and become a happier person as a result, you’ll want to come back to see more and that’s what allows us to continue making new films. However, we may want to start putting some kind of warning message on our DVD boxes to alert audience members that seeing the prettiest people on the planet having truly multi-orgasmic sexual encounters can be highly addictive.


There is a certain truth to the fact that if you do nothing all day but watch high quality adult entertainment, you may become somewhat desensitized to the advances of your own playmates in your personal life. We do not intend for our members to watch sex on a screen rather than ever having sex yourselves with the people who care about you the most. Rather than using a video of Aria Giovanni to avoid your natural human needs for sex and companionship, we would hope that you would apply her performances in ways that make those real sexual engagements in your own life even more pleasurable for you and your partners.


Consider watching the videos on the Andrew Blake website together as a couple, or with an open-minded polyamorous group. Be willing to communicate what you enjoy the most about a particular scene, or any ideas a movie may have planted in your fertile mind for future experiences with your partners. When viewed with an eye toward acting on the arousal you experience together while watching high quality sex films, the best porn has a way of bringing people even closer together rather than holding them apart.


As with all things, be true to yourself, love yourself… and then find ways to share that sense of fulfillment with others in ways that can bring a sense of shared joy to the kinds of relationships that bind us all together. Truly enjoying erotica together will always be even better than the greatest orgasm one can ever achieve alone.


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