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Organize a Romantic Spa Day for your Partner

Treating Your Partner To A Private Spa Day

At the moment, it can be pretty difficult (and uncertain) to go to a spa and have a pampering day so, naturally, people that would usually enjoy these kinds of luxuries might feel a bit more stressed than when there were no restrictions on what we could and not do!

Just because spas may not be as accessible nowadays, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pamper your partner or be pampered by them and, by using the right tools in the right way, this can be easier than ever!

There are a lot of different oils, massage candles, and other tools on the market, however, making sure you use premium quality ones is a great way to ensure that the moments you share with your partner while pampering them are unforgettable! Here are some ways you can treat your partner to a private spa day!

Massages With Oils

Oils are a great way to nurture the body with great ingredients that will provide a lot of benefits to the skin but, the fantastic smell of said oils can also enhance the mood and provide relaxation for both the person massaging and the one receiving it!

Using a massage guide to know exactly where to apply pressure in order to provide your partner with the best possible (and most relaxing) results, releasing any knots of stress that they may have, is a great way to ensure that the massage is an absolute success!

Making sure you choose the right massage oil can be quite the task but, once you find the right one you can be sure that both your partner and their body are going to be thanking you!

Massages With Candles

This is a method that not a lot of people know about (seeing that the most popular option for massages are oils), however, it is one that is incredibly enjoyable as well!

Not only are candles an incredible mood enhancer by themselves (with their soft flickering flames lighting up the room in a warm soft light) but, massage candles take it a whole step further, by melting into an infusion of oils that you can then pour on your partner, massaging and nurturing their body!

While the candle melts into an elixir of nutrient-rich oils, the scents that will fuse themselves with the air around you will create the most soothing and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for relaxing and, perhaps, even getting your partner ready for a bit more action afterwards!

Take It A Step Further

If you want your massages to have a happy ending but, still make it sexy and a pampering experience, then a petite teardrop shaped vibrating device can do it with utmost perfection! A device like this can provide a soft (or intense, if you prefer) vibration that will hit the right spots as the massage oils and scents around work their magic!

It’s a great way to take the massage to the next level without being too abrupt about it, while still making sure your partner feels pampered and taken care of in the most relaxing and sexy way possible!

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