Tips for delivering an excellent rim job

Tips for delivering an excellent rim job

Anal play can be great fun and a rim job, more officially known as anilingus is a beautiful combination of anal and oral sex. Tossing the salad can be immensely enjoyable because you get to see your partner getting so turned on. Just like any oral sex techniques, there are a couple of things that can be the difference between a regular rimming and an awesome one.

You should consider health by wiping the area first or even going so far as to wash in the shower with your finger cleaning the immediate insides. It’s a turn off for a lot of people to go down on a not so great area.

Spread them cheeks

The naughtiness of oral-anal sex makes it so sexy and really spreading those butt cheeks to expose your partner’s anus, something usually neatly tucked away, is a massive turn on. This act also stretches the anus and gives you maximum surface exposure which brings more nerve endings to the table for explosive orgasms.  For your own survival, you have a bit more room for your nose.

Lubricate and Accessorize

As with any other sex act (particularly anal), incorporating lubrication is an awesome way to enhance sensations and allows for easier entry and movement. There are plenty of lube options out there since it is oral we are talking about, flavored lube might be your best choice. If your tongue is feeling a bit tired, beads, dildos or butt-plugs will turn up pleasure sensors while your tongue takes a break.


Pay attention to your partner’s breathing and level of arousal to understand what works. They could be more into licking than sucking or they might be more stimulated by you adding some finger action. It is different for each person but most people enjoy it if you stick to one technique for a bit to allow them to tune into it.

Treat the booty hole like ice cream. Glide your tongue flat over their well-stretched anus. You can alternate a flat tongue and scooping motion as you reach the top. Use upward licks only for this. Going faster and wetter progressively is great.

Another awesome technique and possibly the origin of the rim in rim job is going round and round with your tongue along the booty hole margins. This is the area with the most pleasure sensors. You can take it slow or fast and alternate with clockwise or anticlockwise motions.

If you are okay with it, burying your tongue within your partner’s anus is the way to go. Wiggling it around and rapidly going in and out can be an exciting crescendo of a salad toss. Hygiene is essential for this.

Add visuals

Touch is great and all but adding stimulating visual elements to any sex act is always a welcome idea. A garter belt on a female receiver is so enticing and will enable you to get a lot of pleasure from the act and give your partner what she needs. Some cut out lingerie would also do the trick.

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