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The Extreme Spanking guide

Today, light and hard spanking take place in almost all bedrooms or SM studios. As with all BDSM games, the highest bid is even for an extreme spanking! After all, we want to give you pleasurable pain and not torment anyone – unless you know …


Hard handy work for spanking beginners

Unexperienced beginners should slowly begin by light spanking. This is because even slight spanking can lead to organ damage other than the buttocks. That’s why we recommend the beginners to concentrate on the flat hand and bare ass. With the outstretched flat hand applying slightly more intense pain gradually. Of course, that depends on the effectiveness and how hard you would like it … And honestly, a well-hit, hard slap for me personally is even one of the best ways to get my ass spanked (or vice versa!).


Hard spanking and the right technique

If you do not feel the slightest pain, we recommend a so-called “love knot”. The multi-tailed whip that is relatively gentle. Extreme spanking and related techniques can be learned from experienced mistresses and masters in appropriate classes and workshops, and that is also recommended. If the technique is right, hard spanking is really fun. The use of toys for extreme spanking requires practice or guidance from trained Kinksters.


The most popular toys for extreme spanking


The classic: the paddle

The paddle is the most popular percussion toy in extreme spanking. It is flat and creates a strong pain due to the smooth and broad surface, depending on the intensity of the stroke. This causes severe redness and swelling of the skin. The paddle is available in different shapes and materials online at


Household items for extreme spanking

If you do not have a paddle at hand, you can use the hairbrush. It’s best to get a sufficient supply directly. Don’t be afraid to break the hairbrush your partner’s ass more than once. Make sure the hairbrush is shallow enough. The material does not matter. Just use what you like more!


Cane, belts, and tools are drums for professionals

All three items trigger the same effect. They strike punctually and cause severe pain. This form of extreme spanking often leaves behind severe marks and visible injuries, which requires post-treatment. Cool the affected areas of skin sufficiently after an extreme spanking session and apply ointments and oils.


Extreme spanking? It gets even harder: flogging alias flagellation

Experienced flagellation masters smile when it comes to extreme spanking. When flogging is less the game, but clearly the pain in the foreground. The right technique and the tool make the difference between extreme spanking and flogging.


Whilst focusing on the bare ass with extreme spanking, whipping almost involves the whole body. The flogging of the soles of the feet is a particularly popular variant, because they contain many nerve cells, but are still protected by a thicker skin.


Important note to all extreme spanking lovers and master whipping: Any form of punches in the kidney area – with or without impact tool – should be left out completely. Even with light hits, it can lead to life-threatening kidney injuries.


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