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The best sex toy storage solutions

Sex toy storage is an ongoing conundrum for many adult product connoisseurs. While a handful of toys may fit inside your nightstand, once you expand your collection beyond the basics, you just might find you need to invest in more storage space! Here are some options worth considering…

1. Individual bags

Some people prefer to store each sex toy in its own individual bag, to keep it from touching other toys or attracting lint. Sugar Saks are made of fabric infused with Bioshield 75 technology, which inhibits bacterial growth – so they’re perfect for keeping your toys safe and clean between uses.

2. Covert containers

Need to keep your sex toy collection a secret? Plagued by nosy children or busybody visitors? Then you’ll probably want to tuck your sex toys away in surreptitious storage solutions.

The Love to Love Secret Box is plain and unlikely to arouse suspicion, especially if you slide it under your bed or in some other dark cranny. It even comes with a coded padlock, to keep prying eyes from seeing its contents!

3. Sterile storage

Some sex toy storage solutions, like the UVee sanitizing and charging system and the B-Vibe UV Sterilizer Pouch, contain technologies that keep your sex toys germ-free as can be. Make sure to wash your toys with soap and water and then let them dry completely before putting them inside one of these gadgets. UV light kills 99.99% of any harmful bacteria that may still linger on a toy after washing, so you can rest assured your toys are very, very clean next time you want to use them.

4. Travel totes

Do you find yourself tucking sex toys into your purse or pockets on a regular basis, when you head over to a partner’s house, have sexy adventures in public, or hop on a plane for a sensual rendezvous? Any erotic jet-setter would benefit from owning a travel-friendly toy tote, like the Tallulah toy case. This one looks so much like a traditional toiletries case that your fellow travelers won’t bat an eye. And hey, who says you can’t also store your actual toiletries inside?

The hyper-elegant leather doctor bag is also travel-friendly, but it’s made to store even bigger toys, like wands and large dildos. If you’re into bondage, you’re in luck: it comes with lockable handcuffs that function as mere bag straps, until you need ‘em for your nefarious purposes. How handy!

Whatever toy storage options you choose, keep in mind that all sex products are designed to make your sex life more fun, not less – so if you ultimately decide it thrills you more to keep your toys on your nightstand, displayed for all to see, then go right ahead! Sex toys are nothing to be ashamed of – and many are as gorgeous as a work of art you might proudly display on your mantel.


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