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The Benefits Of An Open Relationship

Long gone are the days where people would be upset with someone that is in an open relationship. Nowadays, it is more acceptable and understandable than ever before.

With that said, it is totally understandable as well that you might not be into an open relationship. After all, even though there are some great benefits to it, they might not apply to everyone, seeing that not everyone might be into that idea.

However, if you and your partner are considering trying out an open relationship and, if you both consent to it and find it to be quite an exciting idea, then we have some great news for you.  There are many benefits to your relationship that can come from this.

Understanding What It Is

The first step for a successful and fun open relationship is to actually understand what it is and what comes with it. Even though in an open relationship you are free to engage with other people in a romantic and sexual way, it is important to know that you are still in a relationship and not single. Therefore, there are some rules and boundaries.

These rules, of course, differ from couple to couple, so talking with your partner about where the boundaries start and end and what the rules are for the open relationship, can greatly improve each other’s experience.

Communication, Trust, And Authenticity

As it was said before, in an open relationship you are allowed to have other sexual partners and, with that comes a whole lot of trust. Your partner trusts you when having sex with other people, because you truly love your partner, and are in an open relationship for the freedom of sex, not love.

They know you or your partner might be wearing some sexy clothing with whoever they are having sex with, or even using some enhancers, and that is okay, as long as the boundaries and rules you both set out are respected.

It also helps with communication, seeing that being in an open relationship, having other people in the mix, can greatly improve the communication of each other’s feelings and thoughts in a relationship environment.

It also helps when it comes to your expectations for your partner and the pressure that your partner might feel. With an open relationship, your partner doesn’t have the pressure to be everything you want and might desire, seeing that now you can find that kind of sexual need from someone else if you so desire to do so.

The Sex

Now to reach the most obvious benefit that comes with an open relationship: the sexual experience.

The thought of taking someone’s clothes off for the first time, of touching every base, maybe even using a sex toy on them for the first time, is a very arousing one and, not only that, but this other person might just have different ways of doing things or different desires (like BDSM  others), which will help you experience new things that you may have not done with your relationship partner otherwise.

It is an enriching situation because, after all, these experiences that you gather with the people you had sex with outside of the relationship can be brought back to the bedroom with your partner, enhancing each other’s sexual life, life experience, and bonds as well.

Overall, there are many benefits to an open relationship, however, it is important that both individuals are fully on board with that idea, in order for it to work and be memorable.

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