You are currently viewing SM ideas for Beginners that will heat up your love life enormously
Ice Cubes Melting

SM ideas for Beginners that will heat up your love life enormously

In sadomasochism, one spontaneously thinks of whips, lacquer, and leather. Thinking of that alone is a cliché because SM is about much more. Anyone who has ever blindfolded his partner, shackled his hands, or skimmed the body with ice cubes have already made their first experiences towards SM. The game of power and submission, sweet torment and lustful salvation definitely has its charm. If you have no experience with sadomasochism, you should take it easy. We show you a few SM games for beginners.

SM for beginners: tickle sex

Conveniently, the most ticklish parts of a human body (for example, the soles of the feet, the inside of the thighs, armpits, and elbows) are in line with its most erogenous zones. To tickle your partner sounds harmless, but it can also be a game of power and powerlessness and a kind of erotic torture, especially if the tickled is tied up and cannot escape the touch.

Tickling and other caresses should alternate so that the seduced person is torn between laughter and excitement. Do not be too relentless when he implores mercy for laughing and moaning!

SM for beginners: role-playing games

Both partners agree on a history and a role allocation in this type of game. Often it is about domination and submission, sometimes humiliation. Since this can be quite explosive, a timeframe and, of course, “Safe words” that requires the game to stop playing immediately, are set.
A popular RPG, for example, is the maid’s game. The submissive partner wears the clothes of a maid and must follow the instructions of his master and be available for a variety of tasks. From household tasks to love services, anything is possible. Role-playing games with a dominatrix and subjugated, student, and teacher or kidnapping scenarios are popular. Of course, you can also invent your very personal “script” and play scene by scene.

SM for beginners: games with fire and ice

When playing with the fire, the partner’s body is drizzled with warm wax. Specially formulated massage candles are best suited for this because their melting point is rather low and the liquid wax is therefore not too hot. Start carefully and drip at the beginning with at least one drops of wax on the partner at a time. Begin in less sensitive areas and feel the urge to slowly.

Ice is also a popular SM toy. Cuff or tie the partner gently and let the ice cubes pass over his or her body. You can thus work closer and closer to the central pleasure zones of your partner. Of course, slowly, so they have to suffer a little and have to wait until you release him.

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