Toca Toto Organic Lube 30ml CBD 250mg

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TOTO is a botanical-based CBD sex lube for all bodies.

It is designed with the vagina in mind, but is lovely for all genitalia.

TOTO is gently stimulating and helps increase natural lubrication of sensitive tissues, while reducing inflammation and pain in the pelvic zone.

It can also increase pleasure and orgasm.

It can be used for foreplay, penetrative sex, and also as a healing massage oil for the pelvis, internal vaginal or anus/prostate.

It’s soothing to local tissue, while increasing blood flow and engorgement.

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This product contains less than 0.3% THC per container.


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Weight 6 oz

1 review for Toca Toto Organic Lube 30ml CBD 250mg

  1. anonymous

    Anyone who has ever encountered traditional personal lubricants orally know the yuck factor. Toca toto organic, however, smells good and tastes fine; I’m not suggesting making this a regular part of your diet, but when you do “indulge” this is a delightful experience more than a chore.

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