S+HE Intimate Fitness Skin Care System


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S+HE skin care system works with the body’s natural chemistry to comfort, calm, restore and rebalance our pleasure seeking selves.

Holistically formulated, nourishing organic and natural ingredients are partnered with proven science to protect and accelerate the repair of sensitive skin.

Enhance your comfort, confidence, allure and wellbeing with S+HE’s Ready Sex Go kit.

Great for Travel!

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1 20-pack of AfterGlow Cleansing Tissues: Purifies, soothes and revitalizes

AfterIt Natural Cleansing Foam 1.7 oz.: Calms, balances and rejuvenates

AfterTrace Natural Scent Neutralizer 1.7 oz.: Refreshes, equalizes and primes

AfterShave 1.7 oz.: Pacifies, nourishes and finishes

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Weight 16 oz


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