Sexual Reflexology

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Activating the Taoist Points of Love

The most powerful reflex points on the body are on the sexual organs.

While the practice of reflexology is normally associated with massage of the feet, in Sexual Reflexology  Mantak Chia  gives applications for using the sexual reflex points in lovemaking, transforming sexual intercourse into a form of ecstatic acupressure.

By combining the classic Taoist sexual texts with modern reflexology theory, the author provides a unique opportunity for couples to practice sexual intimacy as an act of healing.



Mantak Chia shows how to evaluate a person’s sexual energy potential as well as how the size and shape of the sexual organs determine a couple’s compatibility.

In addition to the specific ecstatic acupressure exercise instructions, he provides thoughtful commentary on ancient Taoist practices that reveal how we can all use our sexual essence to create healthy and loving relationships.

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Author: Mantak Chia and William U. Wei
Pages 208

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  1. anonymous

    Mantak Chia is excellent in this book and its a great read that you need to keep in your library at home.

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