Delirious DVD

DELIRIOUS filmed on the French Riviera

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Delirious DVD


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Delirious DVD

DELIRIOUS filmed on the French Riviera

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Delirious DVD

DELIRIOUS tells the story of Anita, an exquisite beauty who travels to the French Riviera to claim an opulent villa left to her by her aunt. The ordeal she encounters with her jealous cousin, Dahlia Grey and female “staff” at the mansion creates scenes of arousing nudity and erotic tension. Filmed entirely in the south of France, Andrew Blake’s DELIRIOUS is a world of unique beauty and sexual fantasy. The screen debut of all-natural beauty Isabella Camille. The first film in Andrew Blake’s International Series.

What the critics said –

“Blake makes erotic art, proving again and again that he’s one of a kind. Dahlia Grey is one of the most beautiful women in erotica” ADAM FILM WORLD

“Blake’s lavishly photographed and costumed features create a female fantasy world… his latest ‘erotic icon’, the delectable Dahlia Grey, is a super-vixen”


“Stunningly beautiful, dark-haired Dahlia is the hottest model to come around in years… definitely something special!”


“very stylish, with truly beautiful female talent… recommended”


“Impeccably made with moments of stunning kinkiness… Dahlia’s body is spectacular… quite arousing!”


“Andrew Blake legitimized the filming of the sexual act by elevating hard-core films to the level of art… Dahlia Grey is simply the most beautiful woman in the world, an absolute goddess”.


Starring Dahlia Grey

with Anita Blond, Isabella Camille,

Ursula Moore and Frank Gun

Original Music Score by Raoul Valve

Produced, Directed and Photographed by Andrew Blake

119 minutes / Shot on Film

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