Best Oral Sex Ever: HER Guide to Going Down


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Just because she’s going down doesn’t mean he’s having all the fun.

“Sexpert” author Yvonne K. Fulbright gets real with women in this bold book on giving and getting oral sex.

This guide tackles the dirty taboos and awkward assumptions that keep fellatio from being seductive and satisfying.

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You will enjoy giving oral sex as much as men enjoy getting it when you learn:

Breathing techniques to last longer

Positions he’ll love, like “The Starfish” and “Deep-Throating”

How to give (and receive) multiple orgasms from oral sex

How to talk about what they feel is right and wrong

Armed with sexy self-confidence and an arsenal of tongue-twisting tips, you will discover exactly how delightful the plunder down-under can be.
Paperback,    192 Pages

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