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Sexy playthings that purr and stroke

As the taboo of discussing sex reduces gradually each year, sex literacy grows.  It has been confusing when it comes to understanding the numerous sex toys on the market of which two have become bedroom essentials: the dildo and the vibrator. Here we explain what exactly they are and give an insight into their use.

What is a dildo?

A dildo is any sex toy that is used for insertion which could be vaginal, anal or oral. They come in quite a range from pure aluminum to premium borosilicate like the Chrystalino G-rider which is awesome for temperature play when you dip the wand into warm or cold water. What makes a dildo is not necessarily that it takes the shape of a penis or that it is used for masturbation, pegging or as a strap on for women. One thing clear about a dildo is that it can’t vibrate.

And what is a vibrator?

The vibrator is one of the tools that went a long way for women in terms of unlocking sexual satisfaction. This is because most women require clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm, a dildo which basically allows only for insertion just can’t do the job. Today, you will find all manners of handheld vibrators and vibrating bullets that are designed for external use.

There are other toys which are created to be used internally like the Pavé Marilyn and the Aneros vivi-red. These can be termed as ‘vibrating dildos’ but are usually included in the vibrator column. They come in as wide a range as dildos and one of the best materials has been patented BIOSKIN which is unbelievably realistic, soft, smooth and silky to the touch as seen with G Jack 2 on Andrew Blake store.

Sex toy for you

Being aware of the different styles of playthings can help you be a lot less intimidated when you visit and adult shop but owning a toy can still be an experience that makes users a bit uncomfortable. Research on what the best sex toys are for beginners and on the kinds you need for a couple sex session. Getting the right measurement for sex toys is a necessary part of your purchase.


Owning things comes with responsibility. Getting pleasure is scarcely worth it if it endangers your health. Taking care of your toys also allow you to have them in pristine condition for as long as possible. Hygienic cleaning products offer an easy and safe way to take care of your toys.  Figure out if your toy is made up of porous material or not because tiny holes can harbor germs. Regardless of the material, you should wash and dry it after each use so it is as clean as possible.

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