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Sex On Vacation

So the time has finally come for you and your partner to relax for a while. The start of your vacation finally has arrived and you are now in that blissful place that you have been craving to visit for ages. So what to do now? Well, you should definitely try to have sex, of course!

By now, provided that you have been in a relationship for quite a while, you most likely have fallen into a routine with your partner, always having sex in the bedroom and occasionally on the sofa. This is not something uncommon at all, in fact, it is incredibly easy to fall into a routine with your partner  after being together for a long time.

Breaking The Routine

There is nothing more exciting than having sex in a new place with your partner, exploring new rooms, where there is absolutely no familiarity with the location you are in.

It can be incredibly enticing because with the sense of unfamiliarity  you do not know who might be  listening  or who the people around you are.

Trying  new toys as a way to experience unexplored sensations can also be greatly beneficial and, who knows, maybe you’ll like them so much you will introduce them to your own bedroom back home.

Breaking The Rules

When at home, you are most likely to keep your sex life more private and discreet. This, however, is not  necessarily the case when on vacation.

When on vacation, you are most likely  to see the people around you once, which makes it incredibly exciting to break the rules.  Having sex in public places ( as long as they are somewhat remote and safe) is an incredible experience. The danger and excitement of being caught, all while knowing that you have the safety of not seeing  those strangers after you leave the location is absolutely incredible.

Carrying a travel size mood enhancer set can greatly increase the mood, taking you to full heights when it comes to pleasure.

Feeling Relaxed And Adventurous

When on vacation, in a wonderful place that you have always wanted to go, you will be most likely feeling a lot more relaxed and adventurous than if you were at home.

You are more open to new experiences and, the environment that you are in might actually have an influence on you as well. Because of these feelings, the mood in the bedroom will surely be quite enhanced to heights that you never thought possible before.

Time Is Abundant

On vacation, time is nothing short of abundant as  you don’t have to wait for your partner to come home from work or other obligations. Maybe now you can give a proper massage with some incredibly enticing massage  oils .  Because you two are free to do whatever you want for days on end you can have sex at any hour of the day. These  hours spent  together can only light up the flame even more.

Exploring new experiences that are not part of your regular sexual  repertoire  like BDSM or other fetish play , can take you to new levels of  experimention.

Having sex while on vacation can be a great enhancement  to a relationship and it is a sure way that you will bring home some experiences that will arouse new passions  when you return to the familiar!

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