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Decadent Bath

How to take a deeply decadent bath

When the world is stressful, it’s all to easy to throw yourself into your work, or taking care of your family, or whatever other responsibilities keep gnawing at your attention. But it’s also all too easy, in that state, to push yourself so hard that you end up burned out, frazzled, and totally emptied out. In that state, you can’t be useful to anyone – including yourself.

What you need is to recharge those batteries, and a key way to do that is to relax – whether you prefer to do that by playing a round of golf, taking a hotel staycation in your own city, or even just drawing yourself a nice hot bath. With that in mind, here are some tips for creating a pleasant oasis for yourself in your own tub…

Soothing scents

Beautifully scented bath products, like this lavender and honey bath oil or Sliquid Balance Soak, add a delicate fragrance to your bathing experience. Many people find aromatherapy calming; it can help signal to your brain that you’ve stepped out of your regular life and into the relaxation zone!

Magnificent muscle soaks

Bath salts are known to reduce pain and tension in those stress-tightened muscles. They’re also great for your skin. If you’re finding it extra hard to unwind, a CBD-infused bath product can alleviate your aches and help you chill out.

Bring entertainment – or don’t

If you’re the type of person whose mind, when faced with silence, tends to wander to the most stressful thoughts possible, maybe you’ll have a better time in the tub if you bring some distracting reading material, like a saucy romance novel or a captivating fantasy story. However, many of us get far too few opportunities to just zone out in a peaceful spot, so if that’s what you’re missing, by all means, feel free to soak up the sweet silence as you lie in the water.

Sustenance & snacks

Particularly if you intend to stay in the tub for a long time, you may want to bring along a big bottle of water, a glass of fruit juice, a cocktail over ice, or whatever other beverage seems most relaxing and nourishing to you. (If you tend to sweat a lot in hot water, rebalancing your electrolytes with a sports drink might be wise.) It’s also smart to have snacks on hand, so you don’t have to leave your relaxation oasis if hunger strikes; hyper-hydrating goodies like fruit slices and grapes are always a good bet.

Underwater pleasure

Stress inhibits sex drive, so naturally, sometimes when the stresses of the day are lifted, so is your arousal level! That’s when you’ll be glad you thought ahead and brought your favorite waterproof sex toy into the tub, whether that’s a penetrative vibrator like the Gjack 2, a petite bullet vibe like the Sensuelle Point, a prostate stimulator like the 77X P-Stroke, a stainless steel dildo like the Njoy Pure Wand, or whatever other waterproof toy(s) you enjoy. Let the pleasure help you sail away to a stress-free oasis inside your own mind!

Do you enjoy taking baths? What do you think are the key qualities of a fantastic bath?


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