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How to Find Your Sex Toy Size

When humans generally start shopping for their first sex toys, their attention is more centered on what every sex toy does than its actual size and maximum capacity. However, there’s nothing worse than getting a brand new sex toy only to discover the difficulties in terms of size – either it’s too big or too small!


Sex toys like whips are available in a wide variety of sizes. Some mini vibes measure only a half-inch length and slightly a quarter-inch huge, even as double dildos can without difficulty stretch as much as 18 inches long! Small vibrators are discreet and clean to take with you even though it delivers extra excessive sensations. While there are a lot fewer alternatives in terms of the width of a toy, a small distinction can and could feel like a big deal when you try to use it. All this variety could make it tough to find a sex toy that fits your body perfectly, however, just like the aura vibe sex toy has developed a few time-tested techniques through the years to make the system easier.


Method #1 – Measuring Up

You can’t go wrong in case you select a sex toy that’s more or less the same length as your sex partner or your current pleasure feather. Simply measure your sex partners to figure out his length and width and then search for a toy to match his sex organs perfectly. If you always wished your partner was a little bigger, then that is the proper time to ascertain or prove your thoughts. Just don’t be too carried away, specifically on the subject of width. However, you can still certainly use your new toy even though it ends up being too long. But in case your sex toy seems too long, trust me, sex might end up being painful than enjoyable in the end.

Method #2 – The Goldilocks Method

If you’re single and you don’t have a sex toy you certainly like, then you definitely need to start somewhere in between. A common-sized dildo or vibrator measures about 6 inches long and 1 to 1.25 inches wide. After the use of your average-sized toy for a few weeks, you must have a precise concept of whether or not your subsequent toy needs to be a bit smaller or bigger. It may take you tough tries, however, ultimately you’ll discover a sex toy that’s not too little and not too huge but suits your sexual organs perfectly.


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