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How to excite someone with all 5 of their senses

Sex that engages all five senses is often the best sex! Here are some suggestions for centering each of the senses in your sexual encounters…


Put on a striptease for your partner, and watch them squirm with desire while not being allowed to touch you.
● Get yourself some fantastic new lingerie and show it off.
● If there’s a specific style of clothing your partner loves, like a sundress or a well-fitted suit, wear it on a date with them and enjoy their stares.
Watch porn with your partner. You can each curate a playlist of clips if you want to take a collaborative approach.
● Hire a photographer to take boudoir photos of you, and present your partner with a framed copy of your favorite shot for a special occasion.


● Put on some sexy music to set the scene.
● Read aloud from a book of erotica stories, to kickstart your partner’s arousal and your own.
Talk dirty to your partner during sex.
● Listen to audio erotica files together.
● If you’re relatively quiet in bed, try making an active effort to be a little more vocally expressive. Moans, gasps, and screams are hot!


● Light a scented candle with an aphrodisiac fragrance to set the mood.
● Get yourself a sexy new perfume or cologne, or bring out an old one that you know your partner loves, and wear it on a date.
● Do a fun roleplay with your partner, and wear a different scent than you normally wear, to evoke the thrilling feeling that you’re literally a different person.
● Ever been curious about the kink known as armpit worship? It’s worth exploring if you or your partner have ever felt intrigued by the scent of a hot person’s sweat.


● Make your partner a sensuous meal for the two of you to enjoy together. Oysters are often considered an aphrodisiac, for example, perhaps because eating them requires a lewd motion that slightly resembles oral sex!
● Experiment with how different foods and drinks affect your genital flavor. Pineapple and cucumber are said to make you taste sweeter, for example, while garlic and coffee can make you taste more bitter.
● If they’re into it, sit on your partner’s face for a languorous oral sex session, so they can focus completely on their favorite flavor.


● Start your seduction early in the evening with some casually romantic or sexy touch: cuddle with them on the couch during a movie, hold their hand as you walk home from dinner, or slow-dance with them in the kitchen.
● Give your partner a slow, sensual massage. (Make sure you have some massage oil on hand, and consider laying down a towel before you start so you don’t stain your sheets.)
● If your partner is up for it, try some tickling. A good old-fashioned tickle fight can get your heart pounding and your endorphins pumping, resulting in a feeling of exhilaration that some people find very sexy.
● Experiment with temperature play, such as by dripping the melted wax of a massage candle on a partner’s skin, or by using naturally cold glass sex toys together.
● Explore your partner’s entire body in search of erogenous zones you may not already know about.


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