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How Sex Furniture Can Make Your Sex Life Healthier & Hotter

Have you ever considered incorporating sex furniture into your life? It may sound like a significant investment, both money-wise and space-wise (especially if you live in a small apartment!), but many products in this category are actually fairly cost-effective for how much value you’ll get out of them in the long run, and some are even small enough to store under your bed when you’re not using them. How handy!

Curious about how sex furniture can make your sex life hotter, deepen your intimacy, and ease the physical effort involved in sex? Read on…

Hit the right spot

Products like the Liberator Wedge – a firm foam pillow with a removable, washable, velvet-esque slip cover – allow you to tilt your hips at an angle that might not be possible without them. A subtle shift in angling can make all the difference, sensation-wise, allowing for penetration that goes deeper or that targets key erogenous zones like the G-spot or prostate. It also helps you and your partner get closer together, so you can maximize your intimacy during the act. And if you’re into spanking, this type of product can tilt your butt into the air like an inviting bullseye for your partner, with practically zero effort on your part!

Get that momentum going

The Liberator Jaz Motion has a softly curved side that enables the whole pillow to tilt and sway back and forth with the motion of your bodies. This natural rocking motion lessens strain on your muscles during penetrative sex, oral sex, fingering, and more, all while upping the ante on the physical momentum you build with your bodies during these acts.

Cumming comfortably

For people with chronic pain, back issues, muscle weakness, or any other physical limitation that makes certain sex positions difficult or uncomfortable, sex furniture can ease the pain. You don’t have to hold yourself up with your arms when draped over a Liberator Flip Ramp, for example, and you may find it easier to keep your legs parted for long periods of time if you use a thigh sling. The more energy you reserve during sex, the more stamina you’ll have – and the higher the chances that you’ll be able to go again and again if you want to!

Fantasy fulfilment

Being suspended in a sex swing can create a feeling of submissive powerlessness that many people find thrilling. Your partner automatically has some control over you if your feet aren’t touching the floor and you’re in their hands, both literally and figuratively. Kinky!

Have you ever tried sex furniture? What’s your favorite thing to use it for?


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