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Great Vibrating Adult Toys Ideas for Couples

Are you having trouble having an orgasm through penetrative sex? It’s not your partner fault; most women don’t cum with penetration sex only. Many people do not know that one can use a sex toy together with a male partner. Using a vibrator during sex can make both of you orgasm when making love. Focus on pleasing your partner, make them obsessed, and look forward every time to having a steamy mind blowing sex.

We-Vibe Sync

The toy is popular in the market, designed to be used together with your partner. It fits snuggly into your companion’s vagina and feels fantastic on your penis. We-Vibe Sync C-shape offers both external and Internal stimulation. One end will be inside the vagina while the other edge will lay in the clit. You can wear it during penetration; the inner part will stimulate the G-spot as the outer end entice the clit. The Vibrator is a smart device and can be operated remotely using the We-Connect App on your phone.

TOR 2 Silicon Cock

The Toy is for couples who desire the more intense sexperience. The vibrating penis ring is tactically located to rub the clit while the dick is inside your vagina. The ring assists males to erect and uphold blood flow in the genital part. TOR 2 is secure with six vibrators, and very elastic can fit on any penis size. The vibrator will help in granting you and your partner intense sex. The toy is ideal for all genders and enhances sex penetration.


Eva is a vibrator that assists in keeping your hands free since you don’t have to hold it. Females can use it with a partner or solely. It simultaneously sits on the top of the vulva and clit, and the wings fold under the labia. By turning on the button, Eva starts to vibrate, and you can use your hands to explore other parts of the body.

 We-Vibe Tango

It’s a small accessible vibrator that you can hold during intimacy. Despite the We-Vibe size, it is the strongest. Its size is like a finger. The vibrator is waterproof and rechargeable with a button that helps you to explore eight various settings of different intensity. The toy won’t get in your way, and it is ideal if you enjoy a lot of vibration. Just place it on the clit during love making.

Lelo Soraya

The toy gives your clitoris and G-spot the pleasure you deserve. It’s a rabbit vibrator enriching and redefining the classic dual massager. The Lelo Soraya can make you throw yourself to the ceiling. If you love extreme clitoris vibration, this gadget will work for you. Have a mind blowing clit orgasm by utilising the eight vibrations and ten intensity speed that can be matched and mixed many times.

There is a big misconception on sex toys. Most people think they are for single people or people in a relationship who love some alone time. The fact is numerous vibrators can spice up sex life and helps couples to have more exciting better romance. Toys help in adventuring and exploring intimacy. Everyone is different, and some vibrators might not work for you but keep experimenting.

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