Furniture to create a better sexual experience

Furniture to create a better sexual experience

Erotic furniture, also known as sex furniture is a type of furniture that can act as an aid to sexual activity. Everyone knows the bed and how important it is to sex. Couches, sofas and often tables come close behind. These are not strictly erotic since their primary use is not sexual.

What we’ll be discussing is furniture primarily designed for sexual pleasure. It can range from a simple sex pillow to a complex contraption that looks like something out of a dungeon. Mixing things up can infuse a lot of fun into your sex life or even be a game-changer.


Most of us are familiar with the process of sliding a regular pillow under our bum during sex to improve the angle with which the strokes hit. There are actual pillows designed for sex. The properly crafted black label wedge or the liberator wedge from Andrew Blake store will make you realize that proper positioning and angling allows for better targeting of the g-spot. Forget about wiggling around and only sometimes getting the perfect hit.


These are definitely not for holding back pleasure. For you guys who are interested in a more discreet bedroom fixture, restraints will keep your lover properly laid out and convert any old mattress into a versatile restraint system. When you are all done with them, you can easily stash them under your mattress and your bed can return to being a regular one.


If height difference is something your partner and you battle with, or you are interested in something that allows you to easily access the prostate or g-spot, the Esse chaise is a position aid you need to add to your bedroom. It will give you the ability to experience positions like missionary and stunning depths. Chaises support the whole body in various positions and some even include restraints.


Have you ever thought about tying your partner up with a rope or being tied up? It is a kink that a lot of people are excited about. It is a simple tool that can give a lot of pleasure. Try to stick with soft, hypoallergenic ropes. Just make sure to learn the basics of bondage sex first.


Sex swings come in different varieties. Some are made for the bedroom while others are made for dungeons. When you are suspended in the air, your lover can pull, push and spin your body with a fraction of the effort required when making love in bed. The support straps double as restraints, which is a great deal if you are into rope play.

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