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Why Fashion Matters In The Bedroom

Once you become a mature adult, the allure of starting off completely naked is soon replaced by an understanding that unwrapping a gift is often more fun than having it handed to you without any box or bow at all. Bedroom fashion matters, from the moment of your first erotic interlude to the very end of any relationship. As you can see in the award-winning vignettes we film for, that includes every aspect of style and accessories from the perfect pair of heels, to the matching shade of lipstick and the way a new set of panties cling perfectly in all the right places.

What you choose to wear says a lot about you

The hue you choose for your lingerie can help a new mate start to unravel the mysteries of what you may have in mind. Did you go with a scarlet bustier to let him know you are feeling rather aggressive this evening? Is a simpler thong in order to make him aware access is a sure thing and you are his for the taking? Signaling the right sort of message with your own personal sense of style is an easy and wordless way to align your sexual goals from the start.

Mind your Budget

What if you don’t have the big budget of a successful porn studio to use at your discretion when purchasing your wardrobe for the boudoir? Keep it creative. The right look isn’t about having the highest number possible printed on the bottom of your store receipts. It can be a matter of finding the shoulder straps that flatter your frame best, is wider or thinner a work that brings out your best assets? There are so many styles and fashion lines to choose from, and while some have more name cache than others… your new lover isn’t going to mind if you are wearing an off-brand version of that slinky emerald green nighty as he helps you shimmy out of it.

As you may have already noticed, a lot can be accomplished with an otherwise ordinary roll of gold duct tape. The light, the look, and the feel: it’s all about helping your partner enjoy the full sensory package you bring to each encounter.


Most importantly of all, is the confidence you bring to any affair because if you don’t think you look great… you won’t. Don’t focus on what your girlfriends look good in, or what you see on a television commercial. Look instead for the sort of garment that speaks to you the moment you see it. Remember, you may only wear it for a few minutes, but the memory of that garter belt hugging your thighs as you ride him will linger in his mind for the rest of his life.

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