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Enjoy Sex More During Menopause

Menopause is part of the aging cycle for women. In medical jargon, it marks the end of a woman’s menstrual cycle and fertility. This occurs when the ovaries have ceased to produce estrogen and progesterone, the two hormones needed for a woman’s fertility and the most obvious is that the menstrual period has stopped continuously for a year.

These major changes in a woman’s life may have significant impact on her sexual drive.  Menopausal women may notice that they are not easily aroused, and they may be less sensitive to touching and stroking. This can eventually lead to less interest in sex.

Moreover, low levels of estrogen can cause a marked drop in blood supply to the vagina. This condition affects vaginal lubrication, causing the vagina to be too dry for comfortable sex. This would be another reason why women would have a markedly lessened sex appetite.

All these predispositions affect the woman’s well-being and sexuality. But this is not the end of everything. Breakthroughs in product technology have given hope to these women who are suffering menopausal syndromes. Our adult store provides high quality and high end toys for women that could give any woman the renewed confidence she deserves.

One highly recommended erotic toy is the Aneros Vivi-Red vibrator.  It stimulates a woman’s sex signals with its soft vibrating contoured pad. A salient feature of this product is that it gives unequalled simultaneous orgasmic pleasure with body-safe and nontoxic silicone nodules that are inserted into the vagina. It intensifies stimulation of the G-spot that enhances production of orgasm.  In addition, its C-shaped contour enables clitoris external stimulation. Hence, forget those dry spells during sex intercourse. The orgasm that ignites lubrication can make sex comfortable and enjoyable for both partners.

Another notable benefit of the Aneros Vivi-Red vibrator is that it does not interfere during penis penetration.  When positioned properly, it adjusts perfectly well to the contour of the vaginal walls.  Hence, during penetration, due to its pliability and soft silicone material, it readily adapts itself to the body movements of both partners.  Even rigorous friction during intercourse, the silicone vibrator gets more pliable.  In fact, you would hardly notice that you had inserted such during your intercourse.

All these exciting benefits brought about by the Aneros Vivi-Red vibrator available at Andrew Blake Store can make your sexual intimacy feel much better even at menopause. Especially for couples, sexuality in relationships at menopausal stage is not hampered through the aid of this erotic toy. Hence, let that renewed confidence radiate in every woman that deserves to feel good.

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