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Ease It In With Some Toys

Toys can be a lot more than just a way to get pleasure, they can also be used as a tool to prepare for penetration! Sometimes, things can be a bit stiff down there and we can be a bit closed off to the world, more than we would like, that is why using some toys in order to expand the “entrance to heaven” can be very beneficial!

Using adult toys as practice for the full love session that you will be having with your partner can guarantee that you will have a painless, completely pleasurable experience so, here are some adult toys that will make your life easier with every thrust!

G Jack 2

This adult toy is a great introduction because, not only is it very reasonable in size but, its spiral shape can make it so fitting it in is as smooth as possible! The G Jack 2  is a vibrating dildo that features a revolutionary new material, making it feel not only smooth, soft, and silky to the touch, as well as incredibly realistic!

Amour Silicone Remote Bullet

If you are not very confident in trying out properly sized vibrators then the Armour Silicone Remote Bullet is the perfect choice for you! With its small size and (as the name suggests) bullet shape, it is a great trainer for better experiences to come! With a controller that sets the right speed for the right needs, you are sure to not only have a great time using this but, also, to be well prepared for your partner’s loving embrace!

Aura Tickler

If you are looking to get some proper hole expansion and, still get a nice and unique experience, look no further than the Aura Tickler! This innovative device not only has a great shape (resembling a finger rather than a penis) but, also, it provides 12 vibration functions that are sure to please and excite everyone who is lucky enough to experience them! With so many choices of rhythm and speeds, you are sure to find the right one for you!

Aura Vibe

With a modest size and perfectly shaped like a bullet, while the base is oval for a better grip, Aura Vibe is great for newcomers to the adult toys experience! With 10 very intimate speeds, this mini sensual intimate massager will gradually get you ready without ever pushing the limits, delivering a satisfying and comfortable experience with every vibration!

Using adult toys in your own private time or, with the aid of your partner, is a great way to get your body ready for more intense and pleasurable experiences! Whether you are a newcomer when it comes to adult toys or, whether you are an expert and have quite the collection, this is only some of the best adult toys used to ease in your partner’s love wand! Spend more time experiencing pleasure and preparing yourself for love with the Andrew Blake Store adult toys and let the good times roll!

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