Cheating with Masks

Cheating with Masks

Face masks are often used for pleasure in erotica. Here, the mystery of the unknown plays a big role. The reason for wearing a mask is on the one hand, the undetected and on the other hand, the charm of someone unknown or to have sex with this person. Even for foreigners who do not want to be recognized, a sexy mask is a sensible disguise. It is mainly worn at special events and swinger parties, where you can mostly meet strangers for sex and live out your fantasies.

The wearing of masks can also be a very special fetish in which one takes, for example, another person in a role-playing game. Some exceptional masks used, such as dog or kitty masks, horse masks or superhero masks. In this case, the mask is more of an accessory to be able to jump into different roles. Wearing a dog mask is humiliation in the foreground. There is usually a collar with a leash and the doggie role-playing game could be played in rounds. Not infrequently, an anal plug in the form of a dog tail is introduced so that the look or the overall picture fits perfectly.

There are also ultra-versions with a mouth gag or mouth opener. Here, the mask wearer is forced to keep his mouth open or closed. In humiliation even a more extreme step than the dog game. A mask with a mouth opener is gladly worn for oral sex. This means that the integrated opener ensures that the mouth cannot be closed and thus can penetrate with the penis at will into the oral cavity.

However, when wearing a mask, make sure that no injuries occur. Especially when using straps and buckles. Extreme care should be taken so as not to lead to unwanted strangulation. Of course, this should absolutely be avoided. These sex toys usually come with a sex toy cleaner or cleaned with water and mild hand soap. If they are made of leather, then leather care should be used from time to time, so that the material does not become brittle or cracked.

The devotion and confidence in wearing an eye mask also plays a major role in a relationship. Here everyone must be able to fully trust his counterpart. This situation can be particularly charming and brings new momentum to the bedroom. Andrew Blake store wishes you a lot of fun while trying out the masks and experiencing your limits.

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