Can Adult Films Strengthen Relationships?

Can Adult Films Strengthen Relationships?

In recent months much has been made about modern Feminism, especially in America and the value of the #MeToo movement has been undeniably important as a milestone in our history. That said, there has also been a bit of bleeding over from the transgressions of tinsel-town celebrities toward unsubstantiated claims about the adult entertainment industry. Of particular note are several recent articles by pundits arguing that porn is somehow bad for romantic relationships. On that point in particular, I take exception, with plenty of proof to the contrary.

Yes, there are titles that seem clearly intended for misogynistic male audience members to fantasize about during solo masturbation sessions. Just as there are titles aimed specifically at female audience members or any other niche of the larger film-viewing adult demographic. However, that’s several steps short of any sort of consensus. Adult entertainment is perhaps more varied than any other art form due to the massive proliferation of the category and the fact that every single civilization in human history has participated in some form of pornography.

Finding Arousal

From cave paintings created in prehistoric times to the pillow books of feudal japan and on all the way forward to modern adult websites like, people have expressed an enormous capacity for titillation and a wide array of styles have emerged that individual audience members can opt-in or opt-out of viewing at any time.

Throughout our own unique award winning history, Andrew Blake has always enjoyed an especially diverse set of members and fans. Single men are the staple of most adult audiences, but among our most loyal members we find plenty of women, a large number of couples and healthy engagement of trans fans as well. That’s because we do our best to tap into universal aspects of erotica.

When you film beautiful people doing gorgeous things together in ways that highlight the emotional intensity and interplay of everyone involved on the screen, you can create content that is perfectly suited for couples to enjoy together. We have received countless comments and forms of feedback from fans who express the fact that Andrew Blake films have helped them rekindle their own sexual intimacy with a formerly estranged spouse or have assisted in heating up a relationship that was becoming a bit stale.

Bringing back the Passion

To those who insist on claiming erotic entertainment is somehow bad for relationships we harbor no ill will. In fact, when your own relationships start to lose their efficacy, we invite you to visit and see for yourself why so many men, women, and trans members continue to make our site a primary destination for something to view as an erotic ice breaker with the people they care about the most.

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