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6 good reasons for a quickie

At a time when sex-meditation and mindful slow sex are becoming more prevalent, the good old quickie does not have it easy. But the fast number is better than her reputation! Don’t you think so? Here are 6 really good reasons and tips for a quickie

A quickie is always in it

The time factor is the biggest advantage here! Often the stressful everyday life simply lacks the time for extravagant foreplay and long nights of love – but we all have five minutes to spare for a quickie! It does not require planning or preparation; you can just start.

Pure Passion

Just because it’s fast doesn’t mean it’s not good. On the contrary, fast sex out of sheer lust, is wild, animalistic, a bit “dirty” and passionate. Tip: Choose an uncomplicated sex position that both of you love most (try our sex furniture for the most comfy positions) – so you’re in full swing!

Sex in extraordinary places

Sex in the car, sex on the beach, in the locker room, in the restaurant toilet, in the park, or maybe in the cinema? At these places, making out is especially hot, because of the more exciting the place, the bigger the adrenalin kick. But for an intense love game, this place is not suitable – the risk of being caught is too high. A quickie is, therefore, more convenient for outdoor sex.

Sexy stress killer

During sex, happiness hormones oxytocin and endorphin are released. These raise the mood and help with stress reduction. This applies to a quickie as well as for long lovemaking. By the way, a quickie does not only drive away stress but also boredom! Are you lying next to each other on the couch and staring at your smartphones? We have a better idea – it won’t take long!

Clothes do not bother

The charm of a quickie is that you can start by only stripping off the essentials. It just lacks the time to take off everything – that’s hot! Skinny jeans and jumpsuits are the worst possible garments for spontaneous sex!

Gets you out of the routine

A quickie brings a breath of fresh air into the love life. Quickies are different than “normal” sex – and that’s why it’s so good! Even though it may not be 100% as satisfying as “the full program,” it provides variety in every case. According to Andrew Blake store Sex report 2018, 79% of Americans say that diversified sex life is (very) important to them.

Important: In spite of the rush, do not forget the contraception – that’s the amount of time!


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