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5 Ways to Excite Your Partner with Erotica

Ah, the art of lascivious language! Whether you prefer erotica aimed at women, kinky bondage erotica, queer erotica, or another kind entirely, books filled with sexy stories can be a wonderful jumping-off point for a variety of sexual adventures. Here are some ways you can turn your partner on with some great erotica…

Read it aloud to them. It’s a turn-on to hear sexy words spoken aloud in your partner’s voice, even if those words were written by someone else. This practice can also be like training wheels for people who want to improve their dirty-talk skills but are still nervous about it – practicing saying other people’s filthy thoughts aloud will help build your confidence for saying your own!

Draw inspiration from what you read. Aside from its hotness, picking up sexy ideas from erotica is one of the key reasons to read it in the first place. You could both read the same book and compare notes about your favorite parts, or one of you could read the book and report back to the other about what acts, kinks, and scenarios in the book piqued your interest. Just remember that erotica, like porn, is often more escapist than instructional – so if you’re going to try something potentially risky that you’ve read about, do your research first (using non-fiction resources!).

Make them read it, while you… distract them. How long will it take your partner to read an entire erotica story aloud while you’re, say, giving them oral sex, lightly tugging on the chain of the collar and leash, or mercilessly tickling them all over? This type of game makes for some fun power-play between sexually adventurous partners.

Write your own. For the creatively and linguistically inclined, it can be thrilling to craft a story that depicts a sexual encounter you’ve had, or would like to have. You and your partner don’t have to be characters in the story if that feels too close to fanfiction for your tastes – you could devise a fictional scenario tailored to you and your partner’s sexual interests, no matter how fantastical it may seem.

Use the book itself for naughty purposes. Many books make excellent spanking implements, for example… and if you want to ride a suction-cup dildo but don’t have a flat, hard surface nearby to attach it to, a book can become that surface for you in a pinch! This really takes “reading for pleasure” to the next level…

How has erotica factored into your sex life?


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