5 fun sex games to try in bed

5 fun sex games to try in bed

Games can be surprisingly sexy. There’s a reason many of us recall games like Truth or Dare or Spin the Bottle as playing such a pivotal role in our early sexual development; the structure provided by these games enables us to explore and pursue our desires without needing to take full responsibility for what we want. We can always just say, “The rules of the game said I had to do it!”

Games are also a lovely way to add some novelty and excitement back into a well-worn sexual relationship. Here are 5 ideas for sex games you can try:

1. “Don’t move or I’ll stop”

Tell your partner you’re going to kiss your way down their naked body, starting with their lips and working down their neck, chest, stomach, and so on, until you get to their pleasure hotspots. But there’s a catch: if they move, you’ll stop, go back to the top, and start all over again!

This is a great way to experiment with “psychological bondage” and to draw out the sensual pleasure of a good tease, both as the teaser and the person being teased.

2. Hysterical literature

Popularized by filmmaker Clayton Cubitt in his “Hysterical Literature” video series, this game involves trying to read aloud from a book while a partner pleasures you with their hands, their mouth, a vibrator, or some other distracting pleasure tool. It’s hard to keep your composure while this is happening, which is why it’s so much fun!

3. Roll the dice

Get yourself a pair of dice – ones pilfered from a board game will do, or you can step up your game and get some fancy Dungeons & Dragons dice.

Then, work together with your partner to devise a list of what each number means, for the purposes of your particular game. For example, maybe one die tells you which spanking implement to use (1 = hand, 2 = paddle, 3 = flogger, etc.) while the other tells you the number of hits to dole out. Or maybe one die tells you how many orgasms to have in a given session, while the other indicates how long you have to reach that goal (1 = 10 minutes, 2 = 20 minutes, and so on). The possibilities are endless!

4. Guess the toy

Use a series of sex toys on your partner while they’re blindfolded (or have them do the same to you) and see how many they can identify correctly from feel alone. You can do this with standard sex toys like vibrators and dildos, or kinkier toys like spanking implements or sensation-play items. This is a fun way to infuse a little mystery into your sex life!

5. Positions roulette

Flip through a book of sex positions together, or scroll through a sex positions website, and then see how many different positions you can have sex in within a given timeframe. You might very well end up preferring your old go-to positions over the wacky new ones you attempt, but you’ll have fun in the process (and you’ll get some exercise in)!

What sex games have you tried, and what did you think of them?

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