5 erotic games to spice up the romance

5 erotic games to spice up the romance

Boredom in bed? No more, now say, “Come on, play with me, all night long …” All you need for the game rounds are lots of erotic fantasies, dice, cards, and time for two.

From role-play to card gambling – we introduce you to erotic games for hot, long nights. They all have one thing in common: there is no loser here because both partners always come out as winners! Here we go! After all, you just want to play…

Here are our suggestions for erotic games for two:

1. Strip Poker

Of course, the classic ‘Strip Poker’ should not be missed in an erotic game round. Just mix and match cards and play. Anyone who loses a round loses a piece of clothing as well. The challenge here is to somehow concentrate on your own hand when your partner is conspicuously getting naked in your sight. And if you can’t master the poker rules, no problem, the next game is quite easy and brings a lot of loser moments!

2. Truth or duty

Similar to the ‘spin the bottle’, it is about the fulfillment of erotic tasks: Whoever has the turn, has the choice between an honest answer to an explosive question or the fulfillment of a desire. The nice thing is: all you need are the ideas that come to mind spontaneously. And so, a round of ‘Truth or Dare’ can actually be played everywhere and always. And your duty is to fulfill your partner’s fantasies.

3. Decide the dice

Yes, there are also erotic games that you can buy. For example, games where the dice decide which position to try next such that you turn easily and loosely across the Kamasutra. You can find these erotic cubes here at Andrewblakestore.com.

4. Discovery trips

Go in search of your super sensitive hot spots. Start slowly and gradually discover each other’s bodies and learn each other’s erogenous zones.

5. Teasing and denial

The stop-and-go technique makes for stunning sex and an even more gorgeous orgasm. The principle is quite simple: always slow down the pace a bit just at the brink, when the tension, pressure, and desire to cum are just about to be achieved for example. When both of you finally “come” at the end, the explosion is all the greater.

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