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4 Elegant Toys for G-Spot Orgasms

The G-Spot

Located a couple of inches inside the vagina on the front wall, the G-spot is a hidden locus of bliss. In some people, it’s known to induce everything from toe-curling pleasure to effusive ejaculations to full-body orgasms. However, just because the G-spot tends to prefer fast, hard, crude stimulation doesn’t mean the toys you use on it have to be crude too! Here are 4 sumptuous, top-quality toys that can reach and stroke your spot to startling effect…

Black Swan

The Black Swan is a dual-stimulation vibrator that stimulates both the G-spot and the clitoris simultaneously. Its thick and curvaceous internal arm pushes into your G-spot with the pressure it craves, while the external arm rumbles your clitoris to induce blended orgasms. Many people find that adding clitoral stimulation can take G-spot sensations from “too intense” to “just right.” It’s like surround sound for your genitals!

Lelo Mona 2

The Lelo Mona 2 is a luxe G-spot vibrator. Its rumbly motor delivers low-pitched vibrations that quake their way through your G-spot and the internal portions of the clitoris. While its upward-curving, pointed tip is ideal for locating the G-spot, it also works well as a clitoral vibrator, so you can switch things up to suit your mood. For an even more blissful experience, try the Mona Wave, a version of the toy that curls up and down in a G-spot-pleasing “comes hither” motion in addition to vibrating.

NobEssence Tryst

The NobEssence Tryst is a wooden dildo, properly varnished for a body-safe and super-smooth finish that’s compatible with every type of lube. It can put firm pressure on your G-spot, and the rippled end makes an ergonomic handle for the fast and hard thrusting many G-spots crave. That end also feels great when inserted, if you like texture!

Njoy Pure Wand

Widely considered one of the best G-spot toys ever made, the Njoy Pure Wand is a C-shaped stainless steel behemoth. Its big, round head puts broad pressure on the G-spot – or you can use the smaller end if you prefer a more pinpoint sensation. It’s also an easy toy to teach a partner to wield, so if your lover’s ever wanted to see you dissolve into a moaning, squirting mess, try placing this in their hands!


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